Le Baluchon D'Or

(Case Study)

Le Baluchon D’Or is a Sichuanese and Thai restaurant located in Terrebonne, QC, that provides a warm supper to its customers. Their target audience is middle-aged men and women who want to enjoy a warm supper in the evenings. They are from middle-class families that prefer to have a perfect portion of food at an adequate price.

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Create a website with displaying the menu of the restaurant as the focus. The client wanted the website to be simple, organized, straightforward, and user-friendly.


The challenges I encountered during this project were coding the menu page using Javascript and creating a different layout for the mobile version of the menu page. To overcome them, I look at how others code it and reviewed some of my past projects. As for the layout, I researched the mobile version of other restaurants’ websites with the suggestions I received in mind.


I provided a questionnaire for the client to fill out to get a general idea of their expectations. With their approval, I modified the logo’s colours based on what the client provided. The focus of the website is the menu, so I kept it simple with a few images beside. Because some sections of their menu are long, I removed the images in the mobile version.



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